The live event camera that edits video on the fly.

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Rachel Haot
Rachel HaotHunter@rachelhaot · CDO, NY State
Beautiful, powerful and really fun to use. Disclosure: I was able to try Movi firsthand because my husband works there.
Marie Tatibouet
Marie Tatibouet@marietatibouet · French Entrepreneur in Shenzhen, China
This is an exciting product. Anyone know if it will be compatible with social media platforms like Periscope?
Tina Roth Eisenberg
Tina Roth Eisenberg@swissmiss · swissmiss
I got to experience an early product demo and was blown away. Total game changer for event organizers like myself.
✎ Espree Devora
✎ Espree Devora@espreedevora · "Girl who Gets it Done"
bought one... @swissmiss do you think the pro accessories are necessary?
Zakhar Sukhonosenko
Zakhar Sukhonosenko@zakhar_sukhonosenko · OS X, iOS, WatchOS, tvOS developer
This is genius!