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Hey Product Hunt, We're so excited to share instant access to audio workouts with over 30 of the best fitness instructors. Join us for yoga, running, HIIT, meditation, strength, cycling, bootcamp, pilates + barre, and rowing classes. We're here to change the game of fitness by empowering independent instructors from around the globe to motivate you wherever and whenever you need them. This is fitness on your terms. For Product Hunt members out there, MoveWith is offering a free month of audio workouts. Please use coupon code MOVEWITHHUNT on the web ( Only active for the first 100 users.
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MoveWith combines the best of the digital and physical worlds with local fitness instructors that create a library of awesome audio classes. @movewith
This is another good example of how audio can augment your daily experiences. MoveWith helps you with your workouts. Skyfit is another. Detour teaches you about your city and surroundings. Can you think of others? I anticipate apps like this will become even more popular in the next few years as more people buy Airpods (or similar wireless headphones) and in-home assistants like Alexa and Google Home. The biggest accelerant of this movement might be "push" audio, when services deliver relevant, contextual bits of information into your ear. @dens talked about Foursquare's ambitions to make the movie 'Her' a reality in this podcast with @karaswisher. Foursquare is in a unique position to do this because of the massive amounts of data and investment they've made into geo-tracking.
@rrhoover @dens @karaswisher It's a great time for audio. We humans are craving deeper connection and there's something really special about having a voice in your ear. There's an immediacy and intimacy to it. Was at a recent Ira Glass show where he talked about the power of audio, how it's visceral and spare—causing the listener to fill in the blanks and create a relationship with the content that goes deeper than video. I love the timelessness of audio-only—a voice never goes out of style and there's less to judge. If we really want to go deep on why audio, Marshall McLuhan speaks about how "One of the big flips that’s taking place in our time is the changeover from the eye to the ear," comparing it to "the same shift that Alice in Wonderland made when she went through the looking glass." http://www.marshallmcluhanspeaks... It was only a matter of time :)
Congrats on the launch Holly and Tricia! What's the biggest thing that has surprised you in building this iteration?
@eriktorenberg by going audio, we've been able to really empower the next generation of independent fitness instructors. they're no longer confined by time/space, and can create super high quality classes anywhere. and the reaction we get from a mover who has just taken their first audio class is a awesome. it turns out that without the distraction of a screen, they actually get more out of the workout. for us, it’s a better experience than video
Thanks @eriktorenberg! @hlshelton and I have been blown away by the response to audio workouts. A wonderful surprise for me is how quickly the system we built reflects the desires of the users. It's so gratifying to build something that takes on a life of its own and tells the creator where the users' interests lie. The immediacy of audio makes that feedback loop even more powerful, which in turn helps us empower the instructors on our platform. Win!
I'm loving the classes team, great work!!!
Thanks @eurie_kim! So happy you're connecting with our fantastic instructors!