MoveWell 3.0

15 minute (or less) mobility breaks for remote workers

MoveWell creates goal-specific mobility and stretching routines you can do in under 15 minutes per day. Plus, live yoga weekly. Remote workers can do quick, simple mobility & stretching routines throughout the day to feel better, get stronger, and MoveWell.
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Hey Product Hunt! I am back with my 3rd launch for my 4 launch in 4 weeks challenges (previous launches were Ultimate Meal Plans and Woven Calendar for Remote Work ). MoveWell has been a long time in the works. I build this app after getting injured 26 miles into an ultra marathon in Patagonia, Chile - running the remaining 16 miles and then realizing how excruciating and expensive "physical therapy" is - especially when it's mostly a lot of mobility work and foam rolling! And that's the thing - most people have a foam roller, but almost nobody knows how to use it. People have it laying around the house, but feel dumb when it comes to what to do with it exactly. That's where MoveWell comes in.... We created prescriptive routines designed for your specific goals. Whether you want to get ready to workout or just feel less lower back pain, we have routines designed to help you feel better and improve your performance - best of all - they're guided and don't take more than 15 minutes! While a lot of these types of apps are geared towards athletes, more and more remote and office workers are using MoveWell to take mini-15-minute breaks throughout the day and find they feel better, have less pain and MoveWell because of it. I would love for you guys to try it out and give feedback! You can use the code "REMOTE20" for a free first month and test things out. Thanks!
@joelrunyon I switched to iPhone a couple months ago and am stoked I can finally try this out. I've always been frustrated that "good" gyms (*cough* Crossfit) still don't accommodate injuries and wind up doing a lot on my own. Same issue with all the HIIT style workout apps. And I love yoga but I feel like it isn't enough on its own. Can't wait to try this and report back.
@taylor_jacobson Thanks Taylor - check it out and let me know your feedback.
@joelrunyon Hey Joel, what a wonderful idea. I'm super excited to check out MoveWell 3.0. How is everything going with your launch so far? I launched a Chrome extension (Boost) last week to help people take regular breaks from their remote work too
I've been using the beta and now product for over a year. It's been great for recovery and flexibility work. Looking forward to seeing all the cool stuff to come.
As someone who spends WAAAAY too much time sitting at their computer, love the simplciity of these videos to help you get moving and back to feeling great. Super helpful especially in these crazy times stuck at home.
@aboundlessworld Awesome - love it. Thanks Bud!
I really like this app, signed up for the website as I want to use the routines on my laptop. I did one of the warmup routines which was fairly easy, and I like that it doesn't require any equipment. I also went through one of the recorded Yoga classes with Nina also which was excellent. I'v been looking for something to help keep more active while WFH last few weeks, so thanks, this is really helpful.
@michael_owen Awesome - glad to have you on board!
Hi @joelrunyon, looks really interesting - just signed up for the free month. Just one thing, how often are the weekly live yoga classes?
@joelrunyon @michael_owen Hi Mike, I work with Joel on the MoveWell team. At the moment we're running live Yoga 3x a week at 3:30PM CST. This has been really popular, so we're ultimately looking to expand this to a daily class, but this isn't live yet. You can also watch from out yoga library where you can see recordings of all our classes if you miss one or the timezone doesn't suit. Thanks for joining and feel free to send the team a message anytime, hope that helps.