Moves for macOS

Position macOS windows like a goddamn wizard ✨

Moves makes it easier than ever to position your windows *juuust* right.
Just hold down your chosen modifier keys and move the mouse. No need to fiddle with 3px wide window edges or far way title bars.
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4 Reviews3.8/5
The current lockdown made for a perfect occasion to spend a little time adding preferences and an icon to a hack I've been running for a while. It's a Mac app called Moves (although it also resizes). A few years ago, during one of my many stints at trying to switch to Linux I discovered a feature. You could choose a modifier key combination that, when held, would allow you to move or resize the window currently under the cursor just by moving the mouse. Although Linux didn't, the interaction quickly stuck. I dare you to try it for a few days. I found an app that allowed me to do the same thing on what we used to call OS X 😉 The app was called Zooom2 and it did the trick for years but has since been discontinued. Yet, it kept on working so I brought it over manually between each OS install, hugging it like a precious, fragile belonging. I think I've used it for something like 10 years? Crazy! Feeling equal parts scared of a future without my window yielding abilities and adventurous to look behind the curtain, I hacked together an app that did the same. And that's the story of Moves. Excited to let you try it!
@mikker This is great. Congrats on the launch
@mikker hella wonderful but 404 not found 😔
@alexanderspoor damn. Better now since a few hours ago.
@mikker got it working now, cheers :)
I've used Moves for about a week, and after a couple of days with getting used to using this tool, I'm using it everyday. It saves me several seconds many times a day - and those seconds adds up!
One of those products you never knew you needed... Thanks!
Never again shall I be annoyed by window resizing and moving nonsense that OSX's design encourages...LOVING MOVES!
Does this require a mouse or can I operate it with keyboard only?
@hasan_diwan it does require a mouse, yes. There are plenty of other window managers that are keyboard driven. I wanted this specific, mouse driven, interaction.