Weight training for beginners 🏋

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Hey PH! I'm excited to finally share MoveRite with the world. My father and I worked together on this app for months. He's is an experienced Olympic weight lifting team coach, and I'm the designer and developer of the app. We are aiming to help beginners of weight training learn the basic exercises and prevent injuries. Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions about the app! :)
@zoltanhosszu great app man. Love the intro video. I Just downloaded it and will give it a try 😉 congrats
Thanks @munipandita! Let me know your thoughts about it when you do :)
@zoltanhosszu really liked it. Just a few observations. Love the way you attached the animation to the sliding bard. Really neat. Second, a suggestion, when we see an exercise , it would be good if we could add it to a workout without the need to leave the exercise, go to the "tracking" tab then add a new workout. Congrats again!
@zoltanhosszu oh also, maybe in the future you could add a section with exercises that don't need a gym to be done - like crunches or sit-ups .. Maybe a separate tab on the exercises list, or a visual indication, filters, etc.
@munipandita thank you for the feedback! I've added them to the list :)
Really cool idea, haven't seen any of the other workout apps focus this much on explaining why and how movements should be performed. Will try this out for sure.
@daniellarsson thanks Daniel. Yes, we're focusing on the proper movement during the exercises. Even though it is crucial to perform the exercises with a slow and controlled movement, most apps don't highlight that. This can result in injuries and other problems, so with MoveRite we try to prevent those :)
Hey @zoltanhosszu, I like your apps in-app purchases compared to other apps offering memberships. That said as a buyer I would like to see the price and what is offered through in-app purchase either on your website or on the AppStore. Was this app beta tested? Because it crashed on me already (unable to reproduce), but I can reproduce "The requested application data doesn't exist", to reproduce just Launch > Arms > Curls.
Hi @sidrock28. Thank you for your feedback about the IAP transparency. It is totally a valid concern and I will update the website to display that. The App Store description already mentions that. We have done a lot of testing during the beta phase. The problem you highlighted has not been present during beta testing, only when there was a problem on Apple's side with on demand resources. I will look further into it, thanks!
Great design! I'm currently using FitBod and one thing that looks to be missing in MoveRite (at least from the landing page) is the ability to build and customize your workouts. Keeping track is half the battle, but knowing what to do that day, based on time, equipment available, muscle fatigue, etc is the other half of the battle.
Thanks @joshuapinter for the feedback! In an upcoming version we are planning to focus on workouts, including improvements to tracking and adding 4-6 weeks workout plans. Customizing the workouts based on what you wrote is a great idea, we'll definitely keep that in mind :)
@zoltanhosszu Awesome. Love the idea of workout "plans" focusing on certain muscle groups or physiques. Allows you to feel committed to something and monitor your progress. If you could integrate with weight, body fat %, etc. as objective metrics, that would be good. People love goals, including myself. Maintenance isn't fun. Achieving something is. Great work. Looking forward to the next version.
@joshuapinter Hi Joshua. I have build a workout tracking app that does what you mentioned.. its called GYMINUTES and its available on IOS for free... in case you want to check it out...
@maddynator "the most beautiful"? Such much colors ;)
@zoltanhosszu focus is on utility... :) the color represents the muscle groups.. but here is a sneak peak of new version :)
I'll definitely use this, great idea