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Happy to "Jump in" :)
@brettking why are traditional debit accounts broken?
@BlendahTom because they focus purely on SPENDING and not actually helping you proactively with your money. A Passbook in the 60s was more informative on saving/spending balance than a debit card and checkbook is today...
Very interesting concept. Let's see if @BrettKing will jump in here to discuss.
At first sight @brettking your product looks great. I'm always up for a no fee approach to banking that has a killer app attached to it so I am intrigued by what Moven has to offer though not ready to sign up just yet. Here's why... After using Simple for a time there are a few key things that keep me attached to my traditional bank. 1. The ability to make cash deposits and depositing larger checks. 2. Slow transfer to / from external accounts 3. No immediate prospect of joint / business accounts where multiple users could withdraw, deposit and access the same account. Are addressing any of these issues in the roadmap for Moven's future? I'd also love to hear more about the "Unite Your Accounts" feature and if that encompasses transfers between a Moven account and say a Chase account? Or is it more about just tracking your spending across accounts?
@rustydingo fantastic feedback - #1 and #3 are underway. #2 is a limitation of the US ACH system right now and we're looking for ways around that, but most involve us having to absorb huge amounts of risk which our investors are not prepared for us to do. The real issue is the FED and NACHA accepting Expedited Payments Services - which we are lobbying for.
@brettking thanks for chiming in Brett. Did not know that about #2, good to know. Either way not the biggest deal as #1 and #3 are definitely more interesting and would essentially knock out the need for #2. I will continue to follow Moven with great interest.
@bermster does this get the behavioral econ / @danariely nod?
When I saw this hunt I got excited because I personally think mint is a huge letdown. Their UI is nice but it never seems to work just right. Anyway, I clicked through from twitter bc the headline said, Mint on steroids. Unfortunately, this is not true. Moven is a completely different product and serves a completely different purpose. Whereas mint helps me budget each month and allows me to link all my accounts, Moven helps me track my spending in real time w only one card. My question is, why does this product need to exist - what pain point is it solving? Do people really need to receive a notification for every single purchase? Are people budgeting themselves so poorly that they need a notification each time? Also, I love the points on my CC's.... To use Moven, do I lose access to those benefits? Finally, if Moven is a debit card, that probably means the money comes out of my account immediately. Also means I'm not building credit. I could see how this card is great for first timers and people who are extremely bad at managing their finances but I worry if it could reach broader use cases, like Mint can.
@benhoffman_ had the same issue with the Mint on Steroids tag line. I am actually looking for an alternative to Mint that has better transaction management and categorization (to select transactions from a certain period you actually have to modify the URL?!). Anyhow enough about my frustrations with Mint...
@benhoffman_ We're definitely not Mint on steroids - in fact, we're anti-budgeting and goal setting. We're all about creating positive behavior - changing your savings velocity. At the end of the day Mint does NOT create the imperative for savings for most people - you need to be very disciplined to actually use it properly. For Moven, you don't need any discipline - improving your ability to save is as easy as using Moven everyday.