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Hi all, Ryan here, co-founder of moveBuddha. We’re on a mission to make moving as easy as possible. Our first step towards this goal is making it simple to see prices - a process that currently involves a lot of googling and phone calls with aggressive sales people. With our moving calculator, you can instantly see price ranges on everything from rental trucks to movers, pods, and freight shipping. No personal info or pushy salespeople required. Welcome to Relocation Enlightenment! We would love your feedback. Check out a demo move: More about our mission:
So many adjacent services in the overall space of human mobility are just too complex, slow, boring and expensive. Getting a box or container from A to B is definitely one we see as a regular pain for @teleportinc users too. Good luck fixing that (and hopefully internationally soon, too!). And: love the brand. :)
great idea - though I used the integrated quote feature on Yelp and had no problem getting accurate quotes without pushy sales people - simply described a move, date and other variables - are you sourcing movers not on Yelp? or are these leads being sold to the same moving companies but with more data?
@passingnotes Hi David, that's a very cool feature on Yelp that I wasn't aware of. For simple, local moves that seems like a great solution. For more complicated local moves or anything long distance, most movers are not going to provide a quote via email. There are just too many variables to account for. Also, the bigger question we are trying to answer is, do I need a moving company? Maybe a storage container or dude-with-a-truck service makes more sense.
@carriganisms I agree completely! local moves are easy because it's all flat hourly rate and so Yelp makes it easy to shop the rates - but over 100 miles and it can be a nightmare...good example are the horrible standards for bedrooms that don't distinguish between pack rats and minimalists, or regional items like snowblowers (riding mowers, etc)