Move to Apple Music

Convert your Spotify playlists for Apple Music

I'm a big fan of Apple Music. I like the iTunes integration, and the sonos beta just clinched it for me. And looking to move a couple old playlists from spotify... this is a pretty slick solution. It also works for rdio, but I've never actually used that.
I've been using this for a few months and it works quite well
How does this compare to I purchased STAMP and have been using it.
@joshdance Hey, founder of Stamp here. :) We support more options as well we are a little bit faster. We have been featured right now on as they decided we are simply better. Also, we support transfer to Spotify. (Google Music & Pandora coming soon) If you have any questions, you can contact us on
@joshdance Hey Joshua, we give you 15 songs to import as a trial and we provide an easier process. Also we came with a solution earlier than everyone else. Our matching is becoming very very solid. Shot us a note at
After testing both, this solution is more polished. Worked pretty well, despite all of them being slow (They're not using APIs, they're all just automatically repeating manual actions)
Does the service not only move over playlists but also songs that have been +'d on Spotify?
@joerago Yep, it's limited on what Spotify delivers on their API but works most of the cases.
@ramon_fritsch Thank you for that reply. Following up, how does your app handle the Spotify +'d songs? Does it mark the same song as a ♥️ in Apple Music and then does Apple Music have a way to see all songs ♥️'d by Artist, etc?