Move More

Lightweight X-plat desktop app that reminds you to move more

Move More is a beautifully lightweight desktop app that can run in the background.
Smart reminders notify you when it's time to get up and move from your desk. Quick tips inform you of useful ways to improve your sitting health.
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I am happy to introduce my new application. Current research has been linked excessive sitting with numerous problems later down the road. Hopefully this app can help you be more active at your desk. More information about the app / problem domain can be found at the website:
Ferenc Forgacs
Dev👨‍💻 Design👨‍🎨 Rookie maker
Just installed it, looks really great @william_paul. Congrats on the launch! Sometimes I spend 2 hours in front of my desk without noticing it, so this tool will be really helpful to get rid of this bad habit :)

add customisable sounds


no unnecessary features - simple app that's genuinely helping me with leg and back pains from sitting down too long during dev hours.


nothing big comes to mind - customisation would be cool though.