Move Hotspots

Tiny bluetooth sensors that influence healthy habits

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I'm the creator of the product and I built it to help me remember to stay healthy through a busy day at work. I've tried all sorts of mHealth apps in the past, including setting alarms and reminders. But Ive found that the best way to kickstart healthy habits is to attach them to something that's part of your everyday routine - like drinking water. Please check out the video on how it works here:
The idea behind the move hotspot is something that will nudge you to do simple healthy things as it find you in the middle of a common everyday routine. I'd love to hear what the product hunt community thinks! We'll be giving away a few free trial hotspots to select team managers or wellness managers that are interested in trying it out - please visit our website and sign up! P.S: We only ship to US/ Canada
I like the idea but I don't understand the need for the physical device. Couldn't the app just sense when you're getting up or where you are through your device and send you healthy reminders?
@brandononearth Great point! The device is an ibeacon used to determine indoor location - it's not as easy to do this indoors using GPS. The other thing to note is that you can sense when you're getting up - but not the context (i.e. I paused to drink water). You could be getting up to go to a meeting, and using accelerometer data wont help me understand context. It's really based on the Fogg Model of B=MAT and also the Hook Model by @NirEyal. You trigger people at the right place and right time to get them to act - follow it up with feedback loops to set up the next trigger. Check out and I've also got data across over 30,000+ interactions so far in actual pilot installations that tell me why nudges will work. Of course - It'll need a lot more data and rigorous analysis to come to any conclusions :)
From the Embrace Warmer to this! Go Nag go!
@razmig_hovaghimian Thanks Razmig!