A brand new supermarket

Move is a direct-to-consumer supermarket.
We work with the World's greatest artisans to make daily staples and we ship them to you — without the middleman or the markup.
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2 Reviews5.0/5
Thanks for hunting us, @chrismessina ! Hey PH — I’m Chai, the Founder of Move. We designed Move because we wanted to see a new type of retailer- one focused on the quality of products, the ethics of its supply chain and design. After 2 years of building, we're so proud to bring it to you. Finally, we’d like to offer the PH community a $20 discount on the membership. Since Kickstarter doesn’t allow promo codes, we’ll simply issue a $20 refund to anyone that backs the campaign and emails us at (just mention PH). Thanks! Chai
Big fan of this product. I've been a customer since their beta days and the quality of goods is super high. Super impressed with the food, packaging and customer service received -- I'd recommend to anyone.
@ryanbed Thanks so much!
Just read about how you studied the market by being food delivery drivers. Super cool.
@projectpupil Thanks, Ram! Excited for you to see the store soon!
Super cool! Excited to see this come to market
Which country / countries do you support?
@footer We're only in the US to start off but hope to launch new countries very soon!