Ergonomic armrest to relieve wrist tension & shoulder pain.

#5 Product of the DayApril 05, 2019
Mouzen is an ergonomic armrest that combines the best of ergonomics with world-class engineering and beautiful design. Mouzen is designed to optimize the position of your arm and reduce wrist and shoulder tension while working with your mouse and keyboard.
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This should be marketed towards gamers/deaigners and other fields where you're really attached to the mouse. Looks interesting!
@manny_orduna Thanks for the feedback! Yep, those are our main audiences, but it should help everyone that works behind the computer generally. :)
Is it possible to get a bulk discount? I’d get them for my team (we're a startup of 11 people).
@nemodesol Thanks, that is a great question. No yet, but we're probably going to put up new rewards on Kickstarter soon; Startup, Scale-up and Corpo. :)
@kumprej_gasper thx for the quick reply. Looking forward to the Startup reward!
@kumprej_gasper @nemodesol 8 years in startup world and still a startup? sorry for going offtopic
👋Hi Product Hunt Community! We built Mouzen armrest to give your wrists a break so you can work at the computer worry-free. Our goal is to create a go-to ergonomic solution for more enjoyable computer work environments. Mouzen is designed to prevent any potential pain in your wrists, shoulder or arm and it helps you to keep your hand in a natural position while you work. I am proud to tell you that we tested Mouzen with 100+ people and they helped us improve the product so it maximizes the benefits for your posture. I’m super thankful to all the people who helped build the product and overdosed on coffee. This is our seventh prototype and I can say with confidence we developed something revolutionary. Eager to hear your thoughts. Do you think we can optimize Mouzen even more? Do you like the design? You are more than welcome to share your thoughts with us in the comments below. I’ll be here to answer each and every one of them! :)
Looks like an amazing product! Would love to see it in a blue colour ;)
@urban_osvald Hey Urban, thanks for reaching out. Mouzen will be available in many different colors if we can manage to succeed in our Kickstarter campaign and get production line running. And yes, I agree, blue would be awesome :)

good luck to the team


great design, looks very helpful


can't think of any cons