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#3 Product of the DayNovember 21, 2019
Mouseless caters shortcuts for your favorite apps in bite-sized exercises to you. ✌️
Need to cheat? 👀 Look up a shortcuts within your current app. Works with every app you've ever installed.
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Hi Product Hunt! 👋 🐌 I had a teacher for IT classes who was really slow with the keyboard (sloth level), but it blew me away when we did pair programming for the first time. His fingers moved slow, but the code somehow magically unfolded with an incredible speed, because he had this one superpower. He knew every single keyboard shortcut in his IDE. ⚡️ Since then I tried to learn shortcuts for every app I use on a regular basis (VS Code, Sketch, Figma …). People watching me kept asking how they can learn to be that fast. It took me a while, but here is my answer: Mouseless. 🧠 With Mouseless we put together tiny exercises for all your favorite apps so it becomes easy to learn all the shortcuts for your daily tasks. They'll make you more productive, bring more fun to your daily work and save you time. 👀 If you need to cheat: Mouseless will stay in your macOS menu bar to show all keyboard shortcuts for your active app (works with all apps you've ever installed). 🤑 The app is available through Gumroad for $30, but we added a 50 % discount for the launch. Purchase today and it'll be $15 only. 💬 Can't wait to see what the PH Community thinks of the product. Feedback is very welcome! Hans & Philipp from überclub
Another great product from @hanspagel and @_philippkuehn Keep up the good work!
Wow. Love it. Macros on steroids.
@randalwalker Love this 😅
How do we check it for a trial if it suits a user so that we can make a purchase ?
@yash_thakur2 No worries, you can purchase the app. If it's not for you, send a short message to support(at) We'll refund the money then – no problem.
@hanspagel appreciate the flexibility. I think it will help to have some type of trial - by time or number of uses etc. So people can see if it is worth it for them.
There's a free open-source alternative: Although, it's not actively supported recently.
@kodburn We created a lot of small exercises to learn keyboard shortcuts, but the feedback from the first user tests was, that everyone wanted to look up shortcuts while trying them in the app, so we added this. That being said, Pretzel is awesome (to look up shortcuts)! Plus, Pretzel doesn't work with *all* the apps you have installed. We made the package to get keyboard shortcuts from apps open source: