Mous Limitless iPhone Case

Protective iPhone case w/ Airo shock technology

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Hey hunters, I'm James Day, Co-founder of Mous! We're excited to share the launch of the Limitless iPhone phone case with you. Mous Limitless contains a protective smart material, Airo Shock, which has survived countless drops - even from a 45ft crane! Yes, there's real marble, leather and wood in these cases. We even have Kevlar! Our small British team has spent the past 9 months building up the infrastructure (from manufacturing right through to distribution) and developing numerous prototypes (and breaking far too many iPhones) so that we could launch the Limitless range. Josh Shires and Will Mullen (also co-founders) are on the production line in our factory, inspecting our first big production batch of our cases delivering in time for Christmas. Hunters can get an exclusive $27 price on Indiegogo when they click the link from Product Hunt. (But only for a limited time!) Enjoy! If you’ve got any questions, fire away!
It survived a drop off a 45-foot crane 😲! This case will literally make my iPhone INDESTRUCTIBLE. 💪
This is incredible. Will it be waterproof too??
I am curious. Will you be making a case with an internal battery pack at any time? And, will I still need a glass-protector for the screen? These cases are beautiful. I love the uniqueness of the marble. Marble can be fragile, though. How would a case not crack or shatter?
Wow look cool