Connect a second (or third) screen to your laptop

Built big and strong for the latest large tablets, Mountie+ provides a solid mount for adding a second screen to your laptop. Remote workers, digital nomads, this gear was made for you. Besides being an absolute behemoth, it sports a nifty pass-through channel to help hide the charging cord behind your screen.

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Thanks to the Mountie+ pre-launch squad for their feedback and support. We hope Mountie+ will be useful and fun. If you have any questions, drop them in!
This reminds me of this scene from Grandma's Boy:
@rrhoover OMG that’s perfect.
I love the Mountie, which I use with a MacBook Pro and an iPad mini. More screen real estate is super helpful ... narrows the difference between my development setups on the road and at my desk. I'm about to order a Mountie+. The only drawback is that I am now tempted to buy a newer, larger, iPad!
Ipad pro 12” to macbook pro 13”?
@vladkorobov Yeah, that should work! Mounting a heavier tablet to a lightweight computer can be done with Mountie+, but it’s a good idea to keep the iPad Pro low or resting on the desk to help with the weight balance.
Love this for when we're on the move and need lots of extra real estate. Real quick, what's the best 2nd and 3rd monitor to use with a MacBook Pro 15'? I want a big screen but I don't want to get a iPad pro because I JUST want to use it as a screen so I don't want to spend $1,000 for it. So what are your recommendations?
@joshuapinter I'm using the iPad 2 ($300 version) and it's great! The resolution goes up to... (Checking)...2732x2048!
@chrisjohnsoct Nice. Do you have it setup as an extended screen via Duet or something? I do that with my iPad mini but the lag isn't great. Thinking of getting a GeChic mobile monitor.
@joshuapinter using the Duet app - $9.99, but worth it! There is definitely some lag, considering I use to game on a $2k pc, but it’s not disruptive. It’s just enough to barely notice, but won’t slow you down at all.