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#3 Product of the DayDecember 29, 2014
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neil aytonMaker@neilayton · CEO/Founder, Mountary
Hello everyone, I'm one of the co-founders of Mountary and happy to answer any questions! Everyone has rolled up posters and other art laying around at home, we can help get them up on the wall.
@neilayton great to see you and mountary on here, Neal!
Bryan DeLuca@bryandeluca · CEO, Foot Cardigan
You just made my wife very happy. Thank you.
neil aytonMaker@neilayton · CEO/Founder, Mountary
@bryandeluca Happy to hear! Thanks!
Sean PercivalHunter@percival
@bryandeluca As a married dude I can say this is very important :)
David McKinneyHiring@davidkmckinney
Also see Levle that do very high quality on demand framing
Sean PercivalHunter@percival
Get awesome things to frame this holiday? This service is what you need. Part of current 500 Startups Batch 11 in Mountain View.
Aaron Batalion@abatalion · Cofounder/1st CTO, LivingSocial
Sean PercivalHunter@percival
@abatalion I will do nothing of the sort! :P
neil aytonMaker@neilayton · CEO/Founder, Mountary
@abatalion It is indeed a competitive landscape but we're the only on-demand in-person option making it the easiest option out there!
Micah Baldwin@micah · Old Founder. Grey hairs and everything.
@abatalion the primary difference between the two is framebridge requires you ship them your art and Mountary sends you the materials to DIY (its like a Michael's that just shows up).
neil aytonMaker@neilayton · CEO/Founder, Mountary
@abatalion @micah Hi Micah, see my post below for more details but we also have our White Glove service ( where we will send you a real expert framer who will walk you through the process as opposed to mailing your artwork, for $25 this is great value.