Mott & Bow

The Warby Parker of Men’s Jeans

I am wearing my Mott & Bow's right now. Honestly - my favorite pair of jeans and also my cheapest. I wear them almost every day. They also do that Warby Parker thing where you can order two to find the right fit and send the one that doesn't work back at no charge. Great product if you need some new jeans.
@eric3000 Great concept and looks super stylish.
@nikkielizdemere thanks! We want to make it easy to get premium jeans at a fair price. Also catering to the convenience we like as guys with the extra size try-on program.
@eric3000 have you tried DSTLD Jeans? Seem cheaper at ~$65 and higher quality. My favourite jeans for sure
@alejandrochahin When can we expect a live video stylist a la combat gent? :)
@eric3000 thanks for the nice comments! Would love to answer any questions you guys have. Also wanted to offer a PH exclusive discount so you can try the product out (I know you'll love it as much as @eric3000), use code 'producthunt' for 20% off the first purchase for the next week.
Very cool company and a good product. They came into our offices about a year ago to do a private sale for employees. Good amount of folks bought (more than I expected) and pretty happy to this day with the purchase. Glad to see them on PH :)
@JasonLBaptiste Thanks for the shout Jason! We're thankful for the opportunity you gave us to showcase our product at Onswipe!
Jeans look very good. Would love to see a 30" length option added. I'm specifically in the market for jeans that don't bunch excess fabric around the ankle and I don't want to cuff or hem.
@adamsigel Thanks for the nice comments Adam! We will try to add the 30 inseam length next year. We just started out earlier this year and didn't want to overextend on SKU count at the beginning. But will definitely be working on adding this.
just ordered and excited to try them out. i have a big ass and short legs so glad to see there are many sizes :)
@davidlee Thanks David! Look forward to the comments once you get them! I think you'll be pleasantly surprised... Send us a pic via twitter :)
@alejandrochahin @davidlee I'm wearing a pair right now!
@alejandrochahin @davidlee 👍 love the jeans so far!