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Motivii's 2-minute update allows teams to add their highlights & challenges, priorities for the week, & answer questions about how they’re doing at work.
This helps them manage themselves, & gives managers weekly feedback and insights to help lead their team.
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I first met @3am0n when he was mulling over some of the initial concepts that would become Motivii. We spent a lot of hours over many breakfasts noodling over people's motivation, habits, challenges and more. It's been amazing to watch Motivii develop over the last few months and years to a very successful product working with some huge international brands to help their managers get more insight from and take better care of their teams. Eamon and Alan are around all day to answer your questions. I look forward to seeing where this takes Motivii over the coming months and years.
@3am0n @eamonncarey Many thanks for hunting !Motivii
Thank you Eamonn (@eamonncarey) for hunting. It's great to finally feature here I’m Eamon (one N), the founder of Motivii. A bit of background: When I was 24, I ran the online sales and marketing department at a big data company in the UK. I was also a poor manager, as like many new managers I was given this promotion with no real training or support... I was just expected to be good at it! I found it hard to make the time to remember what each person was working on and struggled with the softer side of management e.g. understanding how they felt! I didn’t know how I could support my team better. When you’re in that type of situation, everything suffers, including your performance at work. Talking to many other managers and employees they felt a similar thing too. I wanted something that employees would use, benefit from individually, and also help their manager. After much research, I couldn't find anything that fitted the bill, so I built Motivii to give everyone a way to connect the dots between employees, managers and their organisation as a whole, and to give feedback in the best and most effective way. Motivii’s simple update helps employees celebrate success and manage themselves better, while letting their manager know where they can offer support and help focus their team. This weekly insight informs Motivii's objectives, reviews and feedback features. Over time, employees, managers and organisations get access to insight on how engagement, motivation and sentiment change from week to week. Since launching, we’ve come a long way. Sign up for free today for access to: > Updates > People Insight > Objectives > Smart reviews > 360 feedback Please let us know what you think!

It's helping me improve communication in the team


Clean interface, simple but effective concept


More features

Useful for improving team communication and solving many issues in team formation and retrospection. I like it!
@james_grant2 Thanks, we appreciate it! We like to think we've got the most important parts of an agile process nailed - just without the mind-boggling theory...
Love to Motivii!!! Such an awesome product.
@rjodonovan Thanks very much Rob!