Bet against yourself to lose weight or pay up.

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Make a bet against yourself to lost between 1-10 lbs in 28 days. If you hit your goal at the end of the 28 days, you keep the cash. Don't lose the weight? Pay up.
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John@jpmiller03 · manager
How does this application allow entering a credit card and how does it charge? Does Apple take 30%?
Nathaniel Blackburn
Nathaniel Blackburn@itsnblackburn · UI Engineer
@jpmiller03 I don't think Apple allow you to accept payments in any other way than the one they provide so unless i am wrong they will be taking 30%.
John@jpmiller03 · manager
@itsnblackburn Thanks! I just have never seen a credit card entry form in an iOS app - usually it's an in-app purchase sort of deal, so it might be a detractor for users as far as trusting the system.
Alex Mejias
Alex Mejias@alex_mejias · Technically creative...
@jpmiller03 I'm one of Motivatr's founders. This is a great question and our payment processing was a bit of a doozy to get approved. Apple requested that we use their payment system however they do not have the ability to hold the cash during a challenge. We got an exception to use Stripe to handle payment processing. There is no transaction conducted until the challenge fails. This is essentially the same payment processing you'd see on a secure web application which saves your CC info. Stripe handles all of the security for us - we don't store anything except the user's Stripe ID on our end.
John@jpmiller03 · manager
@alex_mejias Thanks Alex! I think this is a problem that many people have tried to solve and you and your team are onto something here - and that exception to use Stripe is probably a huge advantage! Congrats on the launch!