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Hey Product Hunt! We built Motivate because we all really love motivational videos and wanted a way to have easy access to the best ones on the go. A lot of our go-to apps were either depressing news apps or FOMO-inducing social apps, and we wanted something to tap on that would give us a quick boost of inspiration and positivity. The team has big plans for the app in the future and we’d love to hear your feedback on our latest version! There’s a 7 day free trial of our Pro version available to everyone in-app. Also, as a thanks to the PH community, below are a few subscription codes for a 1 year subscription to Pro. Let us know in the comments if you use one! XHJ3YFNWHP74 NEN3XE47HMW4 HPLW463JPAWL XTW6WF3RHJE9 PALAXLTH7MJX KMY7F9FWH4N3 MFPJPH63RXKK X9RMLTRMWELL HKJRWJNT4JYL XJPFAYA9KJNK To redeem a promo code, go to the App Store app > tap your profile image on top right > and finally tap “Redeem Gift Card or Code.” Thanks for the upvotes and stay motivated! The Motivate Team P.S. Big thanks to @_jacksmith for hunting us!
@enatalicio1 thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! Absolutely love this 😍🔥🔥🔥
@loaibassam Thanks! Glad you love it!
@enatalicio1 Looks awesome and, having tried one video, in liking the concept. The production can be a little dramatic at times but it made me feel good so I guess it worked. Looking forward to trying it out some more Oh and I used XJPFAYA9KJNK
@davidanthonee We're glad you like it! Thanks for the feedback.
@_jacksmith @enatalicio1 Any more promo codes :) Seems all are expired/used.
Ok, I'll be that guy: If only there were an Android version...
@quiethabits An android version is definitely something we'd like to build in the future.
@enatalicio1 definitely looks like a cool product and is something I'd look into when there's an Android app.
Hello! Just downloaded the app, I absolutely dig the concept! Thank you! I have tried inserting the code but I couldn't to try the pro! Also the pro subscriptions looks good but there's not a lot of information that you get about how good it actually is, a pro sub should get you a long list of features, feels a bit sloppy ~ overall, love it!
Also, where do you get the videos from ? Do you aggregate from youtube or make them yourselves?
@danirogerc Thanks for your feedback! We aggregate them from various sites right now. We’re beginning to work with some creators on exclusives though. To redeem a promo code, go to the App Store app > tap your profile image on top right > and finally tap "Redeem Gift Card or Code. Hopefully they are not all used up by now!
@enatalicio1 looks like codes are used... can you send me one?
@dontheideaguy We ran out of yearly promo codes but we do have this monthly one for you: 6EJNLHAXFKKH.

I tried every single promo code, but cannot get that to work. Have they all been used? Are they one time? My only option is to get the free trial. Should I do that?


You give a lot for free.

The feed is well designed.

Library is personalized to specific use cases.


Can't get promo code to work for free version.

Could do a better job at communicating pro benefits

Thanks for the feedback! The yearly promo codes provided below are single use only and we ran out. Here is a monthly one though: 99N636KHML93. Enjoy!