Pledges & social support to build healthy habits

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three years ago at a startup weekend chicago i made the same exact app and called it "motivation". love the idea. reminds me of
peer pressure seems to work. financial incentives help with retention.
@jefielding Hey Jenny! A little late to the convo here... but have you seen an app along these lines that has implemented this peer pressure well?
Interesting - it seems to be combining a variety of mechanisms to motivative people. 1. Social pressure 2. Monetary Pledges 3. Analytics 4. Group challenges. Every fitness tracker in the market has its own approach to social motivation but they are walled gardens. (Fitbit, UP, and FuelBand have their own networks). Motivate seems to bring them together. The product right now seems heavily focused on the steps per day metric. Another question that comes up is incentive - your friends make money when you don't accomplish your goal? This is a hard problem to solve. I worked on something similar [1] that built on social motivation but it's clear that peer pressure alone doesn't create habits. [1]: