Proposal, Contract, and Invoicing for Freelancers

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Zach Solomon-Beloin
Zach Solomon-Beloin@zachsb · Community Manager -
This looks like a great tool as it takes care of the entire process to easily onboard a new client. I'm considering it.
Kumar Thangudu
Kumar ThanguduPro@datarade · Technologist
I'm a fan of this one. Will repeat usage once I get a few more new clients.
Dylan Feltus
Dylan FeltusMaker@dylanfeltus · Designer @ConvertKit
Thanks for sharing Motiv! I didn't see this until now. This was posted a bit early but much appreciated. We are working to build an all-in-one solution for Freelancers and hope to have our final product released within the next 6 months! Let me know if you have any questions.
Michelle McCormack
Michelle McCormack@lovethecool · Fashion Photographer
@dylanfeltus I just signed up. I do not want to give an hourly rate. I only want to give a day rate without breaking down hours. Is this possible? · Bay Area Made
where is your product?..@dylanfeltus