Post awesome quotes in seconds

Awesome! Congrats on the big launch day Romain :-)
Hi Hunters! I've become very interested in Instagram recently and wanted an easier way to post, so I created motiv8. Generate beautiful posts in seconds thanks to the random feature, add text on your own pictures, design your message on amazing backgrounds with inspiring fonts. Siri even reads the quotes out loud for you! Once you post from the app, go to your saved hashtags Tab and copy them in one tap. I hope this app will help many people grow their social presence online.
Trying to use the app now. It gets hung up on the success screen for Instagram posts and crashes.
@spinmantv mmh..interesting, never had that bug before. I should catch it tomorrow in my analytics. Thanks for sharing. what's your instagram?
@londonrom I tried it again just now and the same thing. I spent 8.00 on all the app extras and it doesn't work. I was pretty stoked about the app but now meh. Can you issue me a refund please.
@spinmantv I couldn't see any crash in my analytics(!)...😓 I need to understand why the app is not working on your iphone. I can see people using iOS10.3 beta with the app, could that be you? I need more info to track that bug. The Appstore manages all refunds directly and are usually quick at it. otherwise I'll send you the money via PayPal if that's OK? I just saw your email and emailed you back. Let me know when you get a refund and I can send you the IAPs for free on top. You are helping me make this app better so I owe you!
@londonrom I am on 10.3 on my iOS. Responded to your email as well. If you are going to fix the app so it works I don't need a refund. I just want it to work.