Motion Tennis Cast

Wii like Tennis game for Android Phones/Wear & Chromecast.

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Hi Guys, I am Anuj Tandon, co-founder of Rolocule Games. Please let me know if I can answer any questions.
@anuj_tandon what was the biggest challenge in getting this to work? why aren't there many more games like this already?!
@srikrishnang Typical problems of fragmentation would one. Plus there are many screencasting techniques apart from chromecast that also lead to fragmentation. There are a few like Just Dance Now. I personally believe as cord-cutting TV 2.0 shapes up more people will demand content like this.
Play the sport of Tennis using natural tennis motion gestures on your HDTV, Smart TV or a web browser using screen cast software - Chromecast, Miracast or AllShareCast, Wii-like gaming right on your Smartphone! No extra hardware required to play this motion game. Your Android Smartphone becomes a motion controller, as the sport action unfolds on your big screen, the second screen that you connect your Smartphone to. With Motion Tennis Cast, experience console motion gaming without the need of Xbox, Playstation or Wii.
Can't wait to try this. I expected this to already exist when I got a chromecast 3 months ago and was disappointed to find I was wrong.
@srikrishnang Well not you have it. :)