A smart object that helps you form better habits

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Update: for anyone interested in purchasing a pilot unit, we are very happy to give product hunters a 10% discount! Use promo code "PRODUCTHUNT10" at checkout at
David Jo Go
Freelancer, former PM at @teespring
Healthy habits are hard to form. You want to read everyday, you want to run x times a week, you bite your nails... and the phone reminder or apps are just too easy to ignore. MOTI (short for motivation) is an attempt to make habit formation not only possible, but easy and fun. The product's design may remind you of digipets (it is sort of, but not too cute). That's no accident. From a couple conversations with MOTI's founder, Kayla, I know that there are layers of beautiful complexity to this thing: shape, size, texture, visual effects. Every detail is based on something: whether it be serious peer-reviewed scientific research on habit-formation or user testing on countless iterations and prototypes. The first pilot of MOTI had very positive results. I can't speak from personal experience, yet, because my MOTI is arriving in January. I'm ready to end my two decade's old battle against nite-biting. I think MOTI will help in that department, and then I'll pick a new, healthy habit to form.
Thanks for the hunt, David! We're pumped to send you a MOTI soon. Kayla here - founder and maker of MOTI. MOTI was inspired by the fact that we all know just how important habits are to our health and happiness, but turning that knowledge into action is very difficult. For me, it was about a physical therapy habit. I struggled for over a decade with forming that simple routine at home, something that could have a large impact on my quality of life. After a while, I felt so frustrated and guilty that I started researching the science behind habit formation. Turns out our brains have specific mechanisms in place (habit loops, variable rewards, environmental cues etc.), but they don't mesh well with our busy, instant-gratification filled lifestyles. And when I looked at current solutions like apps and wearables, I saw that these insights were not being translated into the right kinds of user experiences. At MOTI, we're taking this behavioral science, but also combining it with social robotics. How do we as humans emotionally connect to technology? MOTI is cute and features abstracted anthropomorphization because it helps our users create a relationship that is more like a friend or companion than a device or tool. We're far more accountable to something that has a personality and feelings than to an easily-ignored push notification. Combine this psuedo-social relationship with a smart, machine-learning back-end, and MOTI becomes custom-tailored to your own habit needs. That's a bit about the inspiration for MOTI - I can chat for ages on our human-centered design process, different use cases for MOTI, and the best ways to form habits! But, I'll leave that to any questions you may have. Looking forward to hearing what you all think, and happy habit forming! Kayla
Jack Smith
Previously co-founded Vungle & Shyp
I've checked this out in person and it's very well designed. Would be great for creating habits such as making sure you're drinking enough water.
Looks great ! Would love to try using the MOTI one day. Especially for building habits.....
@dudehere Thanks, Steffen! If you want an early MOTI, you can grab a pilot unit here: (plus, product hunters get a discount with promo code PRODUCTHUNT10). We'd be very curious to hear what sorts of habit you're trying to form! The best ones to form with MOTI are habits that are everyday or every-other day and can be broken into small, actionable behaviors.
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