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Hello from Motherly! — As new moms ourselves, we know how hard it is to find credible information and inspiration on the journey through motherhood. From planning to getting pregnant, through surviving morning sickness, to coping with work and life as a new mama, women go through an intense—but predictable—journey that transforms their lives and identity. But right now, they have to sort through a sea of inaccurate user-generated medical advice or non-mobile friendly articles to find out what they need to know. That's where Motherly comes in. Motherly is there with women every step of the way, delivering (via email, text and app notification) expert information from leading thinkers and organizations in their field, and mom-to-mom inspiration from everyday women and social media influencers who have been there. We're The Skimm-meets-The Knot for motherhood. Join us on the journey—or share Motherly will a friend who could use the help of a supportive community. Because motherhood is so much better together.
Hi Jill! This couldn't come at a better time as we're expecting a little addition to our family next spring! ;)
Wish there was something similar but that was focused on dads.
@thorpus there is...called Fatherly. Seriously. And quite a good site too:
@genfurukawa @thorpus Thanks for your comments and support! And, yes, definitely check out Fatherly - it is a different, though very complementary product!
Really nice work @jillkoziol - the timeline concept makes so much sense and delivers the right content when it's needed most.
Wow @jillkoziol what a beautiful interface. Finally a place to find advice and see how other moms are doing things that looks so gorgeous I want to keep loggin in! Thanks from one momma to another -- I will surely be a frequent user of Motherly and appreciate the unique style that stands out amongst the slew of parenting forums and chats.