Discover the top-rated Amazon products, iOS apps & more is a place to discover the highest-rated Amazon products, iOS apps and Chrome Extensions.

Rather than getting thousands of results when you search for a product, you get one. This one result is chosen based on an analysis of the number of customers that review each product and their average rating. Other data is also considered, such as availability, price, purchase/download volume, release date, ratings fraud indicators, and more.

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Hi Product Hunt! I’m excited to share It’s a place where you can find the highest-rated Amazon products, iOS apps, and Chrome Extensions. I was inspired to make this product after realizing how much I have come to rely on customer reviews when making a purchase decision—trying to find that sweet spot where a product has a high rating from a large number of reviewers (e.g. 4.8 stars from 13,000 people). So I thought it would be helpful to collect of bunch of these top products in one place. I think the result is awesome. provides a super clean shopping experience. - Rather than getting 50,000+ results when searching for a bluetooth speaker, you get one result that most people love. - Rather than seeing confusing “best seller” labels, you get one result that was carefully selected based on number of reviews, average rating, release date, ratings fraud indicators, and more. The site is great as a starting point or reference during your search for something to buy. Check it out! I would love to hear what you think. p.s. Happy Amazon Prime Day!
Love the idea and execution! The UI is clean and easy to navigate as well. Reminds me of a "wirecutter lite" which I like. Depending on the product, I don't always want to wade through such a comprehensive review like what they provide. But I also like that you've incorporated iOS apps and chrome extensions, since those discovery mechanisms aren't so great today.
@justintravis Thanks, Justin! Appreciate the compliment (especially coming from you- I love HODINKEE). Great point. I've found that my behavior has been similar. Usually, I'll skip the review just to find the recommendation.
Product discovery on so many sites, including Amazon, is completely broken. Nice to see a site like this providing users "freedom from choice" and just delivering the best option across categories. Great clean design as well. Nice work.
No thanks, I prefer to grind it out with barely-functioning, 2.5-star money pits when I make my purchases. Kidding - I’m the same way, scrolling through, trying to decide whether 500 reviews at 4.4 stars is better than 2,500 at 3.9 with the wildcard being the % of 2 and 3 star reviews (because 1s too often come from angry folks!). Great site, thanks for putting it together! :)
@andym_dc Haha. Thanks, Andrew! And exactly. A number of the products featured were close calls, so we took into account things like the percentages you mentioned, release date, indications of ratings fraud and other data.
This is a really cool idea. Amazon Reviews have so much signal locked up inside them, and you've created a way to tap the rich trove of information, and make it instantly helpful for consumers.
@kunaltandon Thank you! And exactly. It's fascinating how Amazon has essentially developed the largest customer feedback database that's probably ever existed. So much value there!