Most Recommended Books 2.0

Books recommended by the world's most successful people

MRB 2.0 is the biggest resource of verified book recommendations.
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Hey Product Hunt! 👋 We launched the first version of Most Recommended Books (MRB) a year ago. We goofed up our launch in many ways, so it went horribly (and we almost gave up on the idea). But something interesting happened... The website kept growing. Every 1-2 month(s), MRB's # of visitors and revenue doubled (and still do). So we decided to put more energy into it! The result is what you see now: MRB is the biggest resource of verified book recommendations. - Biggest because we have 4,000+ books. - Verified because we want you to navigate the site with complete trust (so *every* book has a link to the source of the recommendation). - We've also completely redesigned the site to make it cleaner/ easier to use. We're always looking for ways to improve, so we'd love feedback! 🙏
The recommendations were awesome. It's just that instead of just linking to the amazon site, you could've put a short summary to describe or give the idea of the book.
@harsh_gelda Great point Harsh! Its in the pipeline. We will be coming out with it soon!
@harsh_gelda Thanks for your feedback, Harsh :) It's always tricky getting the right balance between "not enough information" and "too much information" on each book recommendation. But we are always iterating, experimenting, and looking at the data to see how people react. So this is something we had planned on trying too :)
It's a super useful resource. I usually have to search for articles by publications like Forbes to search for recommended books by successful people I admire. With this I don't have to and it considerably saves my time spent in discovery of books to read. Thanks for building this :)
@niti_shree Thanks for the feedback Niti. We are also aggressively working on more new features and enable better discover. Please keep an eye out and feel free to send across any suggestions that you may have! :)
@niti_shree thank you, Niti!! :)
I’m a big fan of this site! Anytime I can’t decide on a new book to read I get a lot of ideas from it. Nice job on the redesign too!
@robdrosenberg Thanks for the kind words Robert. Really glad to see you like what we have put together. We have a lot more in store and will be rolling out soon :)
@robdrosenberg thank you so much, Robert! Oh yeah you've seen every iteration of the design 😅 (the good, the bad, and the ugly 😂)
I am a big fan of this site, this site has helped me hunt and read new great books. Forget tracking every great personality on twitter just to find what they read, this website gives you a comprehensive list of the books to read with proof that the person has tweeted or mentioned about it! Great Product! Great Team! Kudos!!
@porush_puri Thank you Porush and great to hear that you like what we have built. Do stay tuned for more updates!
@porush_puri thank you so much for your kind words, Porush!