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The app focuses on long-lasting memorization, using techniques based on cognitive and psychological concepts to help users learn languages quickly.
Hi Zackery, thanks a lot for hunting MosaLingua! In a nutshell, MosaLingua is an extremely effective flashcard app to learn a language without wasting your time. The app is available on iOS and Android to learn Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and soon Russian and Chinese. The Huff Post featured MosaLingua as one of "the best apps to help you learn a new language" : http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/201... How is it different from other similar apps? 1. Coaching throughout the learning process : the app is an authentic virtual coach. 2. A modern and effective method based on scientific research (SRS, active recall, metacognition...) 3. Only useful content and activities : no games or useless exercises but only the 20% to get 80% of results 4. Self-adaptive system to focus on your learning goals and priorities Among the last features to mentions : - The possibility to add your own content in the app - 37 daily life dialogues - Hand-free mode (to use the app while running, driving or doing your shopping) For more details, have a look at our website www.mosalingua.com SPECIAL DEAL FOR PRODUCT HUNT USERS Drop us a line at info(at)mosalingua.com mentioning the voucher vode PH2016-MOsa and we'll unlock a life time PREMIUM access for you ;-)