Artificial intelligence meets photography

Mosaic helps you create an awesome Instagram feed in seconds. Select your pictures, choose a theme and let Mosaic works its magic!

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Hey all ✋ We are Maxime, Anna and Jeremie, the makers of Mosaic. We are photographers who love sharing pictures on Instagram. We needed a tool to help us make our feed amazing and the idea of Mosaic came up. Mosaic is an iOS app that uses artificial intelligence to detect specific elements in your pictures and accordingly applies smart themes to the selected pictures. We want to help Instagram users sublimate their feed and create a visual identity between their photos. The adventure has just begun for us, and we’re very excited to see what’s next 🚀. We’d love to get your comments/remarks on the app and answer your questions! Maxime, Anna and Jeremie. 🤗
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@maximeschwab Looks really cool! Any plans to make it available in Europe / The Netherlands?
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@maximeschwab Looks great guys! Any plans for Android?
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@alexanderspoor It should be available worldwide. We already have downloads from Europe. Have you tried to search "Mosaic: Smart Instagram theme" in the AppStore directly ?
@siororke Yes we are already working on the Android version. We just wanted to focus on one platform first ;)
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@maximeschwab I have, and no results :(
Looks very good, Maxime! However, at the first glance, I felt weird when asked to plan my feed. I don't have enough photos together. My initial expectations were that I would be able to first select the style of the photos I would like to use (e.g. based on the most famous photographer profiles) and then this app will edit my photo for me. I found editing 2 or more pics at once worthless and not accurate. My other expectation was that the app would analyze my Insta feed and learn my editing style so it can follow it on my future posts.
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Hello @marekdlugos, thanks for your feedback! For now, we are using image processing to adapt the filters according to the picture content and colors. Each picture you import into the app is automatically edited for you according the theme you selected. We will also be able to auto suggest themes in a future update by using our engine to analyse your feed.
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@marekdlugos Agreed ! However, I think this is a good starting point and I like the idea. Good job !
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Can't wait for the android version




Seems a pretty good idea to mix a gain of time and having a more beautiful, coherent instagram stream.

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Great Idea! I'm obsessed with IG photos as well! can't wait to take this for a spin!
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@pragati_basu Thank you very much! We look forward to getting your feedback! 😊
Great job !! 😊 Will check it out 😊
@ayush_chandra Thank you very much 😊 Don't hesitate to share your thoughts 😊