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Marcus! Thanks for the love. We've been working on Mosaic for a while now, and we're excited to get this in everyone's hands. Let us know what you think—we're ready to make this thing better and better!
@joeycofone Should check @linktexting for your landing page!
@blaurenceclark Sweet, thanks for the heads up! I dig it.
Thanks for all of your support! Really appreciate all the feedback and hope everyone enjoys it. We'll be looking to improve it step by step!
Going to try to use this instead of Apple Notes because I use my Baron Fig Confidant daily and love it! @joeycofone @adamkornfield Several feature requests: 1. Sync with Dropbox, etc so I don't lose my notes. 2. Email/share notes 3. Mac app
@thomasmeagher Awesome, glad to hear you're enjoying your Confidant! Great feedback, love all of it. Thanks!
@thomasmeagher Sweet thanks for feedback!
Love it! Simple, beautiful and useful.
Keep the love and feedback coming!