Morus Zero

Ultra-fast countertop tumble dryer for any home

#5 Product of the DayMay 11, 2019
Morus Zero - the world’s first countertop tumble dryer equipped with Vacuum+™ dehydration technology which dries clothes in a jiffy whilst consuming less energy.
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In all the videos and gifs it looks like there's only like one shirt or a single pillowcase in there. Can I use this for my daily washing and drying needs or can I just do one sock at a time? What's the limit of how much I can put in this thing and still expect it to dry my stuff?
@swyfe glad someone asked the right question !
@swyfe According to their FAQ - "Its capacity is 3.3lb (1.5kg). It can take about four to five adult shirts. Which is perfectly enough for daily drying." For me, I'd be pairing this with a full-size washer, so it's more an issue in the mismatch of load sizes than it is the size of this thing alone. It'd feel silly (and probably energy-inefficient) to only put 4-5 shirts in a full-size washer.
If this really works, Morus will be an overnight billionaire as every manufacturer will want to license this technology. Wow. Now if you can also make a 15 minute quick wash and spin cycle unit!
I understand why you made an app, but I don't understand why they made this uneuseful dryer...
this would be awesome as a perk for small rental units... just need a small washer.