Create, shout out, and discover nearby events in real time

Morse allows you to discover nearby events, find out of the way places and connect with people around you in real time. Creating or shouting out events is simple, whether you are hosting an exhibition or want to give an ad-hoc lesson.
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Hey! πŸ‘‹πŸ» I started working on this side project a long time ago, dreaming about a better way to discover things happening in my close surroundings in real-time. After many months of late-night designing and - mostly - coding, we are super happy to finally release an early version of Morse to the public. πŸ‘ΆπŸ» Would really love to hear your feedback, looking forward to your help to improve the product!
I saw a project called Shindig on that reminds me of Morse. One thing I'm thinking about is how Morse differentiates from Facebook groups and so on - is it purely location-based? interest-based? Here's a link to the Shindig project:
Hey @kai_mckinney ! Right now the focus is on providing a platform to create and showcase events that users can find right where they are, at that exact (...or almost) time. Morse primary intent is to augment locations discovery, but, honestly, the platform at the moment is quite free-form so it can be used for different purposes - Some of my friends use it, for example, as a social event scheduling app lol. But, to your point, yes! I think that eventually filtering events that are relevant in terms of personal interest would be a great addition.
Hey Lorenzo, I like the idea. Also, you can take a look at, our mobile app engagement platform powered by Artificial intelligence, which helps you to revive your mobile app idle users easily.
Thanks @rajool , interesting platform, and really love your HP Design!