The World’s First Advanced Marketing Security Software.

Morphio’s AI routinely scans for digital marketing failures that cause performance issues. Receive alerts for actions faster than humanly possible.
Morphio is the world’s first advanced Marketing Security Software.
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Hi, I'm Eric Vardon and I am working on a new exciting product! Leverage Morphio to prioritize digital marketing effort and impact - thereby increasing leads and sales while lowering acquisition costs:)
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Congrats on the launch 🚀 Is this mostly for data marketing analysis or does it suggest AI suggested actions for managing campaigns (e.g. use AI to duplicate/turn off/ etc ads)?
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@antonio_dmya - the majority of the platform is built to aid in analysis through insights, but the growing focus and features do provide content suggestions (organic and competitor SEO changes) and optimization of top-performing campaigns. Hope you can take a 30-day test drive, we'd love your feedback.
Love the platform UI! Looking forward to integrating this into my digital marketing stack 👍
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@lachlankirkwood Thank you @lachlankirkwood! We'd love your feedback.
Congrats @eric_vardon and team on your work on Morphio! Peter
@ourmaninto - Thank you!!