Morph - PokemonGo Bot

Chatbot to find and report Pokemon around you (+ much more)

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Abhishek Gupta
Abhishek GuptaHunter@knoxxs
Hello fellow Pokemon trainers, here is a chatbot that will help you play PokemonGo! Powered by Right now it helps you win gym battles. You will soon be able to find locations of awesome Pokemons, Gyms and Pokestops around you. There will also be special tips and tricks to CatchEmAll. Like the page at to get updated on release of new features.
Karthik Varma
Karthik Varma@leovarmak1
@knoxxs Really nice anna !
@knoxxs Nice one! Just wondering if you could make the "win gym battles" data available via API? I would love to integrate it to one of the apps I'm making as a side service :)
Abhishek Gupta
Abhishek GuptaHunter@knoxxs
@trielm Hey Tris, let's get connected over Facebook to discuss this. Send me a message at
Abhishek Gupta
Abhishek GuptaHunter@knoxxs
Hey Guys, thanks a lot for such a great response and so many suggestions (y) We have released new set of features and you can now FIND and REPORT POKEMON AROUND YOU :D Just say ‘Hi’ to and get started. Like our page at to get updated on release of new features.
Ishan Jain
Ishan JainMaker@ishanjain_t
This got mentioned in the podcast here about 7 min mark. "Pretty awesome Pokemon messenger bot made by bot platform company" "One of the most interesting of the recent batch of bots that I have come across" #PokemonWingman
Saijo George
Saijo George@saijogeorge · Digital Marketer
nice work folks. looks intresting, just signed up
Carly Martinetti
Carly Martinetti@ftcreature · Author of
Whenever I click the map to see pokemon near me nothing shows up (even though it tells me there are some near me).