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Pratik Jain
Pratik JainMaker@tunetopj · Co-founder,
Thanks for hunting us @NeerajT4 👍, your suggestions were very helpful 😃 Hey Guys 👋... Introducing ➡️ - Announce ⬅️ 🎉 I am a co-founder at is a chatbot builder for businesses. We have been launching many interesting products in the last few months, Announce being out next powerpack 👊. Call it "Buffer for Bots" or "Broadcast" or "Publishing", 📢 helps you create beautiful posts and reach out to the right audience over Messenger. A simple, yet powerful 💪 broadcast tool for marketers and businesses. You can create, schedule and target rich messages to your audience on Facebook Messenger (and soon on other messaging platforms). Facebook Messenger has become a new age engagement channel to reach out to the audience personally. Announce is successfully used by many of our customers including Manchester City Football Club! All the mancity fans can head on to to check it out. is also the first bot building platform to integrate new Facebook Lists! 🙌 ➡️ Head to to discover more.
Neeraj Thakur
Neeraj ThakurHunter@neerajt4 · Marketer |
@tunetopj All the best! :)
Paul Walsh
Paul Walsh@paul__walsh · @MetaCert CEO
@tunetopj @neerajt4 another tool called "Broadcast" ;)
Vinay Jain
Vinay Jain@vinay_jain · Product & Business Strategy
I have seen other tools but this one supports all type of messages of Facebook messenger, which is great and very useful. 👌🆒
Pratik Jain
Pratik JainMaker@tunetopj · Co-founder,
Prateek Agrawal
Prateek Agrawal@prateek_agrawal
Not just for broadcasting, the complete platform works pretty awesome.!!
Pratik Jain
Pratik JainMaker@tunetopj · Co-founder,
@prateek_agrawal Thanks a lot! I hope you enjoy using