Morning Traffic Report

Get a text every morning with the best route to work

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If this ever gets popular won't it create traffic in the routes it recommends?
@kevinverse It's a different route for everyone based on their start & end addresses, but if it was ever so popular that there were a lot of folks commuting from same point A to point B the algorithm would self-correct since it uses projected traffic information for that time.
Love the idea. Would also love to see approximate travel time. This way you would know if traffic was really bad.
Text messages are a great way to get notified for something like that; no app required. I am sure the product will offer more. Traffic is a really interesting problem to solve.
Uh oh, I signed up around 12:01am when I got a push notification that this was posted and i've now received 3 SMSes this morning.
@robbie We're working to fix this now Robbie! Sorry about that.
Very interesting idea. Where did you get your traffic data?
@huangkuan Bing traffic API