Morning Short - "The Princess And The Puma" By O. Henry

The story of a puma, a cowboy and a pistol-wielding princess

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Hey all! I love this story for a few reasons: 1. Henry takes the traditional Suitor-does-heroic-act-for-princess thing, and Americanizes it (cowboys, ranchers, and guns, etc). 2. The ending (which I'll try not to spoil) turns that traditional tale on its head. O Henry is the king of surprise endings. 3. O Henry had a really fascinating life. This story probably dates from the time he worked on a Texas ranch, but I encourage you to read about all the other jobs he held. His life is like a movie (He went on the run for several years, fleeing authorities, only to return when his wife was dying). This is the first story we've recorded for Morning Short, so I look forward to hearing your feedback, or answering any questions you may have in the comments! (If you'd like to receive our daily email, head to!)