Start your day in the right foot! Morning Routines are super powerful because they remove the decision making out of your mornings, so you can get more done, quicker. It's the small things in life that matter, and this app will let you track exactly where and how you spend your time. Set a timer for each activity, and track your progress.

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Thanks for hunting @erictwillis! the app has been completely re-designed and re-coded from scratch using SWIFT 3 following the amazing feedback I got from the PH community last august. People asked for content so we added some common habits and also what some successful people do. lots of small details have been added too, like the fact that you can now use Siri to tell you when to switch to next habit and read it out loud for you, or the finish time that gets updated if you over-run or skip a habit.
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@londonrom @erictwillis Hmm.. looks like thinking may be superseded.
Tinygain does the same thing but better. On android
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@ziggycrane Good job this one is iOS then!
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@londonrom UI is way better than in 2.0, though.
@ziggycrane 🙏 thank you!
@ziggycrane I Just realised you're the maker of tiny gain!... I'm glad you'll get publicity from Morning Routine's feature today :D well played ;) Let's just say they're just different shall we?! 😜
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@londonrom We are and we aren't :D I love your positivity.
Never understood why so many people try to live someone else life by copying stuff. Live is too short for that kind of stuff. Better live your life and become make someone else copy you.
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@edvins_antonovs True. It's funny how some people copy the routines of successful people thinking that's the secret to success. Same as wearing the same outfit every day because Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg did it, won’t make you a billionaire CEO.
Very interesting comment @edvins_antonovs, thank you. This is what users asked for actually : content. The way the app is made, you can start by copying someone's routine and tweak it to your own needs, I made sure to keep it flexible. I agree that everyone is different, but the shortest way to success is indeed to get inspired by and copy the 'recipes' of the people who are where you want to be; that's just a fact. Emulate the greats, but add your own personal touch and personality along the way.
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@baidoct About Zuck's Hoody, it's about NOT making trivial decisions to keep your brain working on what matters. it can be eating the same thing everyday too. Routines are powerful because they allow you to do without thinking. Your capacity of making decision wears off as the day goes by...I guess there is no small economy (of brain power) in that domain too!
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@baidoct @edvins_antonovs Dressing the same has nothing to do with thinking that it will make someone successful. It has to do with wasted time and decision fatigue. If you know what you are going to wear everyday then you save a ton of time and it's one less decision you have to make in an already overloaded and busy work day.
@metalhaze totally agree. I have my uniform and it's helped me eliminate trivial wastes of time. It also provides momentum and specific examples I can use as encouragement to say no to other trivial wastes of time.
Create and copy habits of some of the most successful people and stay focused on each habit one at a time.
@londonrom great job. Comments and feedback can be brutal sometimes. You're a class act.
@chadcarleton Thanks Chad!