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Hey there, Morning Reader 2.0 is a simple, stress-free way to keep up with breaking tech news. The goal is to showcase the top five tech stories right now. The new version includes the following changes: • Topics – We’ve narrowed down topics to focus solely on Tech News while we experiment with a new format for other topics. Stay tuned! • New design – We’ve debuted a new design to make reading more comfortable. • RSS – You can now subscribe to our RSS digest to receive the top five stories every day. • Newsletter – Our daily newsletter launches soon. Subscribe [here](link). We hope you enjoy the newest Morning Reader!
@jlft this is a really useful resource. Looking forward to trying it over the next few days.
@jlft Great product! Are the top 5 stories picked manually or is the process automated? Is there an API that you use to get the social signals for the stories? Thanks.
@thepankazzz Hey Pankaj! It is mostly automated, and we don't have an API.
The team behind this project is amazing :) Keep it up!
@pcbo Thanks Pedro! :)
@jlft Great job, i love the design.
@daviducolo Thanks Davide! :)
Love the minimal design. Keen to see more filter options by category in the future (startup, mobile tech, etc...) Well done!
@tycrollins Thanks Tyler! We're working on another product with more categories. Stay tuned!
@jlft brilliant, look forward to it! I'm really enjoying morning reader!
Love how simple it is and I like the top 5 stories. As much as I love following tech news via a RSS reader, newsletters, etc. There are days I just can't go through my routine. I think your product would make me feel okay with hitting mark read on my RSS reader and deleting all my newsletters for the day.