Morning Reader

A simple way to read the news and find interesting stories

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A very cool project by some very smart people. I'm using it to keep up with news.
Awesome. I'm curious who the team behind this is? How are the stories curated? Are there any plans to allow personalization and adding our own feeds? I was a huge Google Reader fan before they killed off that project. Every time I see a product taking a stab at improving the news consumption I get excited, but so far I'm still resorting to /r/worldnews.
@narekk Thanks for your feedback! Personalization is one of the most natural and common requests. Even if its not part of our core, we may do something in that direction in the future. Stay tuned!
@narekk > How are the stories curated? Stories are curated and ranked by an algorithm. The newest and most popular stories appear at the top. To measure the popularity, the algorithm relies on social signals.
Simple, well executed, nice design too. Love it. (the lack of cereals and milk is a little bit disappointing)
@syswarren Thanks! Just added cereals and milk to the feature request list. :)
@jlft @syswarren Peeeerfect then!
This is cool, would love to get a morning digest of the top 10 stories per category I sign up for.
Hi @bramk, thanks for your feedback. Digests is one of the top ideas we may start working on soon. Stay tuned!
The team behind this project is TOP. These guys are nailing it. Plus, design is ultra clean.