Morning Person

Get a wake-up call from a real person (pre-launch)

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@samuelbeek it actually is the same person that calls you every day. That way you can create a personal relationship with them---they know how you handle your schedule and what other information you like to hear (weather, news, etc.)
@davfry @samuelbeek That's great! How nice :) You should make it more clear tough.
@samuelbeek @davfry @samuelbeek Copy that. Thanks for the feedback
I like this, if theres one thing I know... its that I am not a morning person.
I gotta say, I'm a fan of Wakie and the main reason is the randomness of it. Most people are very friendly, I usually sing a song. Terribly. In fact they hang up instantly. It's just a fun way to wake up!
Ha, this is funny, cool idea! I’ve added my side project My Morning Routine ( for some general inspiration for your morning routine. We publish a new routine each Wednesday since almost two years.
Here's what I've wanted to do: AlarmRabbit. If you don't prove that you're out of bed and awake, a TaskRabbit is dispatched to your house to ring your doorbell and yell at you through your windows with a bullhorn. I think this would work.