Morning Ninja

Wake up by your favorite Instagram Influencer 💪

Make this your last sleepy Monday! MorningNinja helps you wake up like a Boss by pushing you to start your day like your favorite Instagram Infuencer. Available on Web and Alexa.
As an Open Source project, you're always welcome to review the code on GitHub.
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Hello everyone  👋, Me and my friend @rishijash graduated last year and have been working in Tech industry from over a year now. After stating the work life, we realized that life gets mundane very quickly and mediocracy gets over the long term goals. As passionate engineers with goals we wanted to fix that so we decided to build a quick instagram motivation tool: Use it to set alarms from your favorite Instagram Influencer and let them wake you up or when you're on your way to work or getting back from work and feeling demotivated ask Alexa to motive you using our skill and you will be PUMPED UP.  💪 As always, We would love some feedback and happy to answer your questions. 🙏
Something I need every morning lately... motivation to NOT have a lazy day 😅 Can this be used as an alarm to wake you up in the morning through your phone? I unfortunately don't have an Alexa :/
@lidiaklingenberg Thank you Lidia for checking it out and for providing amazing feedback. We will try to bring a mobile app for this soon.
What a fantastic way to wake up.. Excited to try it!!
@vihas_shah Thank you.. We are excited for you try it as well!
I love the concept -- and perhaps even more importantly, the visibility of the challenge it highlights. It's not clear how if I can leverage it without Alexa, however. Any help or direction to where more details are available? Clicking on "Ask the Makers" did not seem to do anything.
@je_hill Thank you John for a thoughtful reply. Happy to answer any questions you have regarding the Alexa skill. To get started, you can just ask: "Alexa, Ask Morning Ninja to hit me with Motivation" and it will play a short audio from Gary Vee or other influencer to pump up your day. 💪
@rishijash Can you use it WITHOUT Alexa? We are still Alexa-deficient.
@je_hill You can use our web app as well: