Morning Glory

A gamified app to track morning erections

Morning Glory is a new app from Roman to help guys track their morning wood. Waking up with an erection is a great indicator of your overall health.

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Just try sharing this without starting a conversation.


Fun way to bring awareness to men's health


Forces uncomfortable (but hilarious) conversations

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Very creative idea from a creative business. Shows industry leadership.


Super smart idea and definitely conversation starters for the month


Looking forward to Android version

Thanks for the kind words, Ray!
Who knew morning wood was so important? Love this new app from @Roman. Great use of humor and shock value to discuss the health behind erections.
@roman @alexisohanian Thanks, Alexis. Appreciate the love!
Hey guys -- I'm Rob, one of the co-founders of Roman (who built this Morning Glory app). We're hoping that by using a little humor, we can bring more attention to men's health. Erections are really the 'check engine light' for a guy's overall health. So when your morning stick shift isn’t so automatic, it's important to get checked out. Feel free to AMA!
@rob_schutz This is super smart idea! I will use it for sure. Be sure to check out our tool, it will be very interesting to you.