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Whether you're a marketer or a founder, you should subscribe to Morgan's daily growth strategy. This stuff is epic.
@natedesmond Thanks Nate! I really appreciate it!
@Morganb is the marketing genius behind all the Growth Studies and he is now emailing his best strategies to his list. I usually avoid additional email but these actually provide real value. I like how the strategies are usually something I can put into practice today. Two of my favorite recent emails are: 3 simple influencer hacks for startups and An inbox hack I learned from Neil Patel & Hiten Shah. At best you’ll be inspired for your own product, at worst you’ll learn something brand new.
I've been getting this. It's excellent. I don't typically like newsletters because I like to keep my inbox clean. However, this is worth the daily read. Thanks @NikkiElizDemere for telling me about it.
@NikkiElizDemere @erictwillis Thanks Eric I appreciate the feedback and thanks Nichole for spreading the word!
@erictwillis have you read the growth studies on they are legit, esp the early ones.
@benhoffman_ Yes. I have! Some are on as well.
Can' wait to see Morgans latest brainchild. My mentor for a number of years. One of the smartest, kindest people I know. Guaranteed whatever he does it's a winner.
@cinch44 Thanks Jack!
Shocked this hadn't been hunted yet! #Nobrainer
@anujadhiya #tookind thank you sir.