Morejust: store

Create your own free unlimited cloud storage

Morejust store is a way to create your own free unlimited cloud storage. If you need something to share and you want to send just a download link - please welcome :)

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How will you use our tool? What files you would like to share? Don't be afraid, just go to and upload something! 😉
Just stored Images for our README.MD 😜

This is a neat hack and would have been cool a couple years ago, but GitHub has had the "Upload Files" button for a while, plus the ability to view your files easily, and the ability to create folders and files. I can also make private repos on GitHub, so that sort of erases the need for this--it's neat but it's basically a stripped down version of GitHub's UI for uploading file, so I would just stick to GitHub in this case.


- cool UI

- neat hack


- repositories are public, but I can make private repos on my account

- there is already an "Upload Files" button on GitHub that does this

Thanks for the review. As I mentioned on Medium, the Upload button is a solution. But unfortunately, there is no API for this. So we have found the hack that helps us to store files just with API call (you can check our API here). That can be helpful on hackathons if you need to upload somewhere files and have public links to them. Moreover, you can create your own cloud storage with just "deploy to heroku" button - you can find the tutorial on our website. And you can just deploy our tool on your private repos to store files securely.
🤔 There are plenty of modern cloud storages around the web, but are they convenient for you as a developer? Do they give you a direct url to download any uploaded file in a click? 🚀 Thats why we made Morejust: Store. Unlimited storage. Available anytime and anywhere. GitHub CDN all around the world. Free. Forever. 🔝 Enjoy, upvote and share!
@okhlopkov I love the brand icon. 😉
@okhlopkov @wendyde03942462 Thanks man! Tried our best
@okhlopkov @kirillovmr It's all about shipping! Ship, get feedback, iterate, rinse, repeat.
@okhlopkov @wendyde03942462 agree hah. Just a programmer cycle 🙌
Being a non-developer and trying to find the mundane/simple use for this for any generic user such as myself - is it truly unlimited storage? what's privacy like? would this eliminate the need for me to pay for extra storage on say dropbox? icloud? or is that not the purpose of this platform? and lastly, any plans to release some sort of mac/desktop toolbar app or google chrome extension?
@prithsr So, first of all - yes, it is truly unlimited. What are we doing? We are using GitHub repositories to store files. There is a limit for 1000mb for one repo, so when repo will be filled - the new repo will be created and all files will go there. 🚫 Regarding privacy - all your files could be reached by any user, if he will just visit your repo. By the way, we are thinking to implement supporting of private repositories, so only you will be able to get your files with special token. This token easily fits in the file link, so it will be as convenient as it it now. Using our service you can install in for your own purposes (one click installation guide provided) or use our own. There is actually no difference.
@prithsr if it will be useful - we will provide chrome extension to drag&drop files in the future.