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I guess this is for the weather nerds 🌤 🌧 🌩 ☔️ 🌪 🤓 Personally I don't understand the need for so many weather apps in the market. If at all, I spend 5 seconds looking at my standard weather app then look outside... So many weather forecasts online or TV/radio are often wrong anyway... if the pros can't get it right then what luck do we have haha. With this level of detail I'd assume that this is required for people who need this level of information. What are common traits of your users?
@bentossell I've experienced very exact forecasts with @Morecast. From sun rays that are predicted to come through the clouds at a certain time of day to an accurate amount of rain at a specific location. Also love the temperature "Feels like" information on the app's homescreen.
@bentossell our users are sportive and tech-affine, not only the weather nerds - although many stormchasers are using MORECAST. Globally spread.
@goerlitzthomas @bentossell Though I'm not a huge weather nerd myself, and like Ben only spend a few minutes looking at the weather, I can see where other kinds of people might find this useful. For example, people who live in areas with extreme weather conditions (tornados, blizzards, etc.), or in areas where the weather changes dramatically very quickly (when I was in Amsterdam, it would be raining one moment, then sunny, then hailing, so it was sometimes hard to keep up).
Best weather app I've used. Very accurate forecast with nice graphs & UI. 🌞🌤🌧🌩🌨⛄️ Features: * Pinpoint Weather * Interactive Rain Radar * Weather Forecast for 7 & 14 days * Weather for your Route * Compare 2 Locations * Live Webcams iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch & Android support.
I'll give the app a try but that icon is really bad.
@fbara hope you like it :)
Looks pretty great - Going to try out the app. I will say: The icon is really awful
@tonydaussat it´s more about what is inside ;)
@goerlitzthomas fair point, but branding is important for every product shipped
Finally a weather app that's not overpriced, and available outside the US - Thanks @GoerlitzThomas
@jpvalery you´re welcome :)