Mockup and wireframing tool; better than Balsamiq!

#4 Product of the DayMay 07, 2014
burcu yılmaz
  • burcu yılmaz
    burcu yılmazConsistently Product Person

    easy to use Minimalist design tools and wireframes Share with stakeholders easily It allows creating dynamic wireframes and mockups


    None so far

    I used moqups app more than a year, it is to easy to tell stakeholders and colleagues what is it about and how it can use. Best mock-up tool ever!

    burcu yılmaz has used this product for one year.
This is my #1 mockup tool, hands down. It was quick and easy to integrate this into the workflow of my team and I love how easily we can share mockups with each other via link or with our pro accounts (no need to send a link then). Additionally, the customer service is extremely quick. They helped solve a browser based problem (Chrome) that we had accessing through our enterprise firewall which I could see larger companies not addressing at all, or in any expedient fashion.
Looks pretty slick.
Really love this service for years!!