The property app that puts the fun back into house-hunting

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Emily Hunt
Emily HuntMaker@emilyhunt100 · Marketing Manager, Codegent
The idea for Moovrs evolved from the consumer demand for an app that makes house-hunting enjoyable, rather than the hair-pulling chore it can often be. The app is fast-paced and fun, with a great swipe function to save or disregard properties, whilst also being completely practical for the more 'serious' elements such arranging viewings. *UK properties only
Antonio De Mello
Antonio De Mello@ajdemello · Improving Mobile Apps with @hokolinks
Hey @emilyhunt100, I like to move from house to house almost every year, so Moovrs is perfect for me! :) I started to used it and have some feedback to share. I believe you should improve your sharing feature! When I share an apartment that I liked via my communication channels, the sharing message isn't optimised for mobile. You put two links one to see on the apartment \ house web browser and a second with itunes store link to download the app. Instead, I would use one smart link. It can identify the device where the link is being opened (desktop, IOS or Android) to send the user to the optimised path, then if it's mobile checks if the app is there or not and then send the user to specific house \ appartment view inside the app when open (it is called deferred deep link). Smart links could be very useful for other UX purposes and open your app to a better organic growth. I Would be very happy to tell you more. Please, I invite you to check this blog ( ) about smart links.
Emily Hunt
Emily HuntMaker@emilyhunt100 · Marketing Manager, Codegent
Hi @ajdemello so glad you like the app and it's filled that property-shaped void for you! Thanks a lot for your feedback, we always welcome it and I'll be sure to feed it back to the team :)
Chanade@chanademj · Partnerships, 383
Hey @emilyhunt100 this is super similar to a concept we came up with a while ago. Nice work on launching something more fun in the property space! It's something I'd definitely use and I'm sure lots of others would too.
Emily Hunt
Emily HuntMaker@emilyhunt100 · Marketing Manager, Codegent
Thanks @chanademj really glad you like it! Be sure to give it a whirl and let us know how get on with it, we always welcome feedback. You can follow us on Twitter too - :)
Michael Sitver
Michael Sitver@msitver · I build things
Tinder for house-hunting. Not quite original, but very well-executed, and the concept really works. Well done.