No hassle, free curated movies online in a TV format.


Moovoo is a online TV. It takes the same principles of a TV schedule, however it will be providing non-mainstream content.

It's focus will be free cinematography and indie content.

We have too many choices that it makes it even harder to choose what to watch!

People have netflix, prime, hulu etc and we still hear "I dont have anything to watch"

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nice idea, but it seems every movie thats running on moovoo is just really old stuff that *nobody* would watch.

it would be an idea to play some of the short movies that are on vimeo, kind of like!


quick and easy to use


only very very old flicks

hey BEN! We took your advice and we are currently sourcing more content from indie makers to provide a fresher content pool! Keep up to date :)

I'm confident that given more indie films and short films, this could be a really great platform and could grow! The concept of the site is original and has immense potential.


easy to use and some real gems on there like Night of the Living Dead!


with the films right now being public domain, obviously not all of them are winners

hey Zach, similar to my comment to BEN above, I am currently sourcing more indie content to give air of freshness to the content. I can see you are an indie filmmaker, it would be awesome if you want to chat or if you want to share some of your content! Keep in touch!